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888d343373fccb157b5163a06621d56eTwo important and modern medical centers of Yazd are ready to accept and cure patients from abroad. There are some reasons that people come to these medical centers from other countries:

1. Skilled specialists and doctors, modern facilities and at last high percent of success in these centers.

2. Very low treatment price of these centers in proportion to other countries and even other cities of Iran.

The first medical center is Yazd research and medical center of infertility which is located in a peaceful and green environment in safayeh district. The main department consists of reception, clinics for women, genetic consultation and psychiatry, office and management department, operating room for laboratory surgery, computer and internet center and different laboratories including Androgyny. There are animals nest for maintenance and multiplication of laboratory animals with operating room.
Infertile couples come to this center and Dr.Aflatonian ‘the first infertility specialist in Iran, examines and cures them with different methods. This center is the first medical center of infertility in Iran and because of low price and modern technology in proportion to other countries has many patients from Kuwait, Bahrain, Emirates, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Pakistan .These treatments have been accompanied with prominent success.
The second center is Heart surgery center of Afshar hospital. Patients with heart problems examine with Eco, Exercise test and Angiography systems.

If they need to surgery, they are hospitalized in ICU for 3 or 4 days and skilled specialists of this center operate them. After one week they are released but they should be examined again 15days later. This center is equipped with modern facilities and there are 22 beds in its bedridden ward and 6 beds in ICU ward.

Up to now Dr.Frozannia has performed many heart grants successfully. The cost of examination, surgery and medicine is unbelievable.
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