Infertility Services

Yazd is known as medical center of infertility. There is a department which is located in a peaceful district of Yazd and infertile couples come to this center for curing. The main department consists of reception, clinics for women, genetic consultation and psychiatry, office and management department, operating room for laboratory surgery, computer and internet center and different laboratories. The first baby was born in this center in 1990 by IVF method; and the first baby was born with IUI method has been about 17 years ago. Also, because of lower price and modern technology in proportion to other countries, many patients come from Kuwait, Bahrain, Emirates, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Pakistan to benefit from better treatment with prominent success.

Oge travel company cooperates with these center and is ready to do any services for you such as get necessary information, inform you the cost according to your apply, do reception, take appointment, reserve hotel in Yazd or other cities of Iran. This company performs different itineraries and touring plans in Iran too. If your agency sends the patients identification we will take a turn for them and inform you the date and cost of treatment.